Creation Mega Conference UK – Ken Ham #ukcreation

Day 1.

Ken Ham was first up with his talk “why does Genesis matter in 2014?” Here are two points that struck me:

Ken mentioned the “Genesis 3 attack”. This is based on Satan’s first attack to Eve: “did God really say?” He was causing her to doubt the authority of God’s word. Ken said this is the attack Satan always uses, but it manifests itself in different ways in different generations. Today’s attack is based on evolution (in the molecules to man sense), the big bang and millions of years. This is the area that Satan is attacking today in causing people to doubt God’s word.

However, the Christian world has by and large allowed this attack to happen without resistance. Christians often say you can believe what the world says about origins but as long as you trust in Jesus that’s fine. Well, you can be a Christian and believe in millions of years etc., but a lot of young people are growing up in Christian homes, being told they can believe in evolution etc., and then coming to see that the Bible doesn’t fit with it, as well as the Bible being criticised at school. To fix this they are tending to lose their faith in the Bible rather than in evolution. The church needs to wake up to this attack and to uphold the authority of God’s word from the beginning of the Bible, and equip people to be able to explain why God’s word is reliable and why evolution is a myth.

The second point was to point out an inconsistency in how Christians deal with attacks from atheist scientists. If someone like Richard Dawkins says “Jesus didn’t rise from the dead as dead people can’t rise”, Christians are quick to disagree. When asked why they believe Jesus rose, they say “because the Bible says so and we trust God’s word”. This is the same for all miraculous events that the Bible records from Genesis 12 onwards.

However, when a Christian is asked if they believe in creation as stated in the Bible, they say “we don’t believe that because scientists have told us it didn’t happen that way”. They take the scientists as a higher authority than the Bible for Genesis 1-11, but the Bible as a higher authority than scientists for Genesis 12 onwards.

Somewhat inconsistent!


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