Creation Mega Conference UK – Brian Edwards #ukcreation

Brian Edwards on “understanding Genesis 1”.

Categorical imperative – God to Eve “you shall not eat”
Catastrophic interrogative – Satan to Eve “did Gid really say”

Creation has been marred by the fall, as have our minds, so we shouldn’t use creation as authority to interpret the Bible. Must begin with scripture. Scripture and Christ are the only things uncontaminated by the fall.

Why is Genesis so important?
Introduces God. Origins of many things. Introduces the supernatural.

It’s only in Genesis 1-2 that Christians allow unbelieving scientists to tell us what it means. However, plenty of other bits of the Bible refer to Genesis 1-2 and treat it as historical fact. In these references it’s often used to bolster doctrinal truth (“have you not read…”). The history is used to support the doctrine.

Genesis 1-3 is historical genre, not poetry.

“waw” consecutive in Hebrew is a marker of Hebrew prose, not poetry. 51 times in Genesis 1. Means “then”, mostly.

“day” in Genesis 1 has a clear meaning in exegesis. Only reason to interpret otherwise is due to scientific concerns.

Dawkins’ recent comments on aborting Down’s syndrome babies is consistent with evolution, hence the relative lack of surprise in the secular media. His conclusion is the same as Hitler’s – get rid of poor quality stock.

Questions for evolutionist: Why did two sexes evolve from a single sex reproduction? How did it evolve? They don’t know answer.

Is our worldview dictated by scientific theory or God’s word?

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