Creation Mega Conference UK – Ken Ham #ukcreation

Ken Ham gives his last talk on “Creation/Evolution – it is NOT religion vs science”

Radical way of presenting the gospel: the way God does it – starting at the beginning.

Whole purpose of answers in Genesis is evangelism. No point in someone becoming a creationist of they don’t trust in their creator Jesus.

Lesson from Job – were you there? We know so little but God knows everything.

Operational science / origins science. Atheists don’t want to admit that they have beliefs, so they don’t make this distinction.

Revelation is the key to understanding the past, not “the present is the key to the past”.

Intelligent design. Good arguments but faith comes by hearing the word. The heart of man is deceitful. Even if people are convinced by the arguments, they are likely to go after another God due to their hearts wanting to avoid the real God.

Lazarus dead. Jesus said take away the stone. We could do that. We couldn’t raise him. Only Jesus could do that. Jesus could have spoken the stone away with his word as well, but he involved people. Apologetics is like taking the stone away. Jesus does the raising.

2 thoughts on “Creation Mega Conference UK – Ken Ham #ukcreation

  1. Nothing to do with science then. Glad we’re clear on that.
    Perhaps you can explain why creationists are trying to teach their religious dogma as science in science classes in that case? Don’t you find that rather dishonest?

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