Creation Mega Conference UK – Stuart Burgess #ukcreation

Stuart Burgess on “the uniqueness of man”.

The human body is over-designed. It is designed for more than just survival.

Human arched feet very different from apes’ flat feet. We have 3 arches giving 3 points of contact (heel and two at front), ideal for balance.

Apes have 26 facial muscles, humans have 54. Enables more facial expressions. Smile muscles have no other purpose. No evolutionary advantage.

We’re only creature that shows the whites of the eyes, which allows others to see where we are looking. Evolutionary disadvantage but helps communication.

Language has far more words than needed for survival.

Singing is evidence of over design.

Long childhood makes us different from apes. No evolutionary explanation.

Unique features: Marriage for companionship. Aware of nakedness. Female always fertile. Women’s time of ovulation is hidden. Baby skull deforms to allow birth. Brain. Ability to memorise large amounts of information. Pi to 42000 decimal places (record).

Girl had half her brain removed. No speech as that side was removed. Girl was fluent in 2 languages 4 years later.

Legs half total height. Arm span same as height. Belly button centre.

Disease. Answer is the fall.
Vestigial organs. Aren’t any.
Bad design. Human eye. Objections made by people who don’t understand, like Dawkins.

Reports of attempts by atheists to get him thrown out of his position as professor at Bristol university. He has stayed in his job. He got a standing ovation at the end.

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